Auto Electrical Services


Electrical and Electronics

We offer a full electrical and electronic automotive service.
Our technicians are specialists in dealing with the high levels of sophisticated electrical and electronic components in today’s modern vehicles

autoelct2Fuel Injection System

We specialise in electronic fuel injection and provide complete care for modern engine management systems. We use PC supported diagnostic equipment and expert tuning to find the root cause of a problem and optimise engine performance.

autoelct7Fuel Injectors

Fuel injector cleaning is important to maximizing your car’s performance. Dirty fuel injectors can result in poor acceleration, lower power, poor fuel economy, rough idling and an incorrect air/fuel mix. They can also lead to higher carbon monoxide emissions.

autoelct8Engine Tuning

Equipped with the latest analyser and real time scope, our engine tuning service ensures the most fuel consumption efficiency together with the smoothest and most responsive derivability.

autoelct9Air Conditioning

We follow the vehicle manufacturers recommendations and use only R134a as the replacement refrigerant for the older R12 refrigerant. All new cars are R134a worldwide; due to its non-flammable ozone friendly properties and millions of hours of in-service testing in all climates.


The alternator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. It sends power to essential parts of your vehicle like the headlights, the engine fan, ignition coils and various parts of the fuel injection system. .It’s important to have your alternator checked regularly.

autoelct11Car Battery

The battery is the backbone of your vehicle’s electrical system. It supplies power to the starter and ignition system. You should have your battery and it’s connections checked regularly. We supply and fit new car batteries to all vehicles, motorcycles, caravans, commercial vehicles and marine crafts.

autoelct12Sound & Vision

Cars, Boats, Caravans or Motor homes, We can install and wire up any sound or vision component you might want. Everything for DVD Players, Flip Down Screens to Head rest Screens, CD Players and Electric Aerials. If you are thinking to upgrade or install something new, give us a call.

autoelct13Central Locking & Power Windows

If your door central locking systems fails or if your electric windows stop working. The cause is 95% and electrical issue. We have all the right scanning equipment to point out the issue and allows us to repair the problem quickly. We also offer Key to Remote Upgrade, Door Motors Repair.