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Simon’s Auto Care scheduled maintenance will keep your car running longer and stronger. From belts to batteries, brake jobs to wheel alignment, exhaust to air conditioning, suspension systems to filters. Regular visits to Simon’s Auto Care will help prevent costly repairs to your car, van, light truck or 4WD.

img1C8Front and Rear Brakes

Simon’s Auto Care is a brake repair expert; that’s important when it comes to safety, there’s nothing more important than being able to stop properly. It’s a service that Simon’s Auto Care takes seriously. At Simon’s we always provide you with a free, no obligation inspection of your vehicle’s braking system.

img1C9CV Joints

CV joints are necessary because they transfer torque at a constant speed to the wheels. They also accommodate the up and down motions of the suspension system. That’s why it’s important to have your CV joint boot inspected regularly.


If your vehicle shudders during acceleration, that could be a sign of a loose U-joint or a faulty centre bearing. Similarly, if you hear a loud clunk during shifting, it may be time to have the U-joints replaced. Roughness, clicking noises or a squeaking sound at low speeds may also indicate driveline trouble.

img1CBExhaust & Mufflers

There’s nothing worse than hearing that old “rattle rattle thunder clatter boom boom boom” coming from your car. A bad muffler is noisy, embarrassing and bad for the environment. Simon’s Auto Care always provides you with a free inspection of your vehicle’s exhaust system.

4wd44 Wheel Drive

At Simon’s Auto Care we are experts in four-wheel drive repair. From SUV’s to light trucks to foreign or domestic cars, he’s dedicated to ensuring your vehicle performs safely.


Your car’s suspension not only keeps your car riding smoothly, it keeps your wheels in proper contact with the road.  This is vital to safe steering and braking. Simon’s Auto Care is an expert when it comes to shock absorbers and struts.

img1CEWheel Alignments

Proper wheel alignment means a lot. It extends the life of your tires, provides significantly better gas mileage, a more comfortable ride, and makes your car safer. Simon’s Auto Care is a computerized wheel alignment expert.

img1CFTiming Belts

If your timing belt breaks, your engine will stop working, stranding you wherever you may be. Even worse, it could cause major engine damage. That’s why it’s important to have your timing belt regularly inspected.

4wd424Drive Belts

Drive belts, provide power to the air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, cooling fan, air injection pump, and more. If your belt breaks, all of the engine parts it is powering will stop working. Your engine could overheat and be damaged. It’s very important to have your serpentine belt inspected.

img1D3Water Hoses

Simon’s Auto Care recommends you have your vehicle hoses and accompanying clamps inspected twice a year. Tiny cracks can form from the inside that can eventually lead to a burst hose and overheated engine.

img1D2Automatic Transmission

Transmission repair is a major, time consuming, and most often, expensive automotive repair. That’s why it’s so important to keep your transmission properly maintained. Simon’s Auto Care will help you do that.


The job of your radiator is to keep coolant flowing throughout your engine. If there’s a block or a leak, your engine can quickly overheat and your vehicle will break down. We recommend having your coolant system professionally inspected by Simon’s Auto Care at least once a year

Mechanical Services